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Our next generation of mobility products have been designed to leverage the latest cloud technologies, making your work from anywhere experience faster, more secure, and easier than ever before.

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Click Here | How to access dbRAS Setup Guide Getting Started

You will need to configure a few pre-requisites on your personal laptop/desktop before you are able to login.

To access the dbRAS setup guide you will need Microsoft Authenticator setup on your mobile device icon_authenticator copy.

Click Here | How to access dbRAS Setup Guide Click Here | How to access dbRAS Setup Guide

New Starter – First Time Logging In?

Welcome to Deutsche Bank.

The bank has provided you the provision to carry your work wherever you go. You can always connect to your virtual machines while working from home or travelling using dbRAS which is the bank's remote access service. 

This New Starter Guide will walk you through the process of setting up dbRAS and Microsoft Authenticator Authenticator for the first time if you need to work from home or remotely and never been to DB Office. 


Error Code How to Articles windows_logo small_apple_logo

How to "Turn on firewall protection" for macOS


How to "Turn Microsoft Defender Firewall on"


How to "Turn on real-time and cloud-delivered protection" for Windows Defender


How to check Windows "Security Center" service is running


How to "Update macOS on Mac"


How to "Update Windows" to latest OS build version

Endpoint FW/AV Error

dbRAS Troubleshooting Guide 

Internal Error, Please Contact Administrator 3005

Application requires access to Windows Management Instrumentation to work correctly. If this has become corrupted or disabled, you can follow the steps below to reset it:

1. Press Windows+Q and type cmd into the search bar that pops up.

2. Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator

3. Type winmgt /resetrepository into the command prompt and press enter. Note this will reset repository to the initial state when the OS was first installed

4. Type winmgt /salvagerepository into the command prompt and press enter. Note this command will take the content of the inconsistent repository and merge it into the rebuilt repository if it is readable

5. Type winmgt /verifyrepository into the command prompt and press enter. Note Performs a consistency check on the WMI repository.

6. Restart your computer to pick up the changes


You may receive an AADSTS90072 error message indicating your device is already managed by another Azure user account.

Open your browser in private (incognito) browsing mode to login.


How do I disconnect and reconnect dbRAS? (refer to the setup guide)

  Troubleshooting Guides    

Virtual desktop won't launch after a successful dbRAS connection

dbPass (Account Unlock & Password Reset)

dbPass makes it simpler to reset your Windows Password and Account.

dbPass is Deutsche Bank's automated Windows account unlock or password reset service using Next Generation - Authentication (Microsoft Authenticator) with dbRAS. It's 70% quicker to reset your password using dbPass than via the Service Desk.

Who can use dbPass:

  • If your DB account is locked and you want to unlock your account
  • If you have forgotten your DB account password and would like to reset the password

What do I need to check before accessing dbPass Portal?

Please follow all the steps below to ensure you can unlock or reset your DB account and password via dbPass portal.

  • Step 1

Do you have Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator app registered with your DB account?



  • Step 2

Once you have registered for Passwordless authentication inAuthenticator Microsoft Authenticator app, you first must connect to Next Generation dbRAS before proceeding to step 3.

1. Open dbRAS Client Connector and sign in with your DB email address and press Next. (see Microsoft sign-in page screenshots below)


2. Click on Use an app instead to sign-in with Passwordless.


  • Step 3

Open dbPass portal to unlock or reset your DB account and password by clicking the button below and follow the steps.

Click here to access dbPass Portal

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Do you have minimum operating system (OS) supported version installed on your PC?

windows_logo Windows 10 or 11 - OS Build 19042.1165 and above
small_apple_logo MacOS Big Sur (11.6) or Monterey (12.4)


For details of how to check your Windows version use this Microsoft site or your macOS version use this Apple site